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SECURITY: Business start-up risks are dramatically reduced.

AN ESTABLISHED SYSTEM: All aspects of the operation have already been tested in the real commercial world.

PROFITABLE : Proven methods mean faster start-up and attainment of better levels of profitability.

COMPANY BACK-UP : The individual has all the resources of the group on top.

FLEXIBILITY : The individual remains his/her own boss with few restrictions on imagination or skills.

ON-GOING SUPPORT : Once established, the bank of resource remains open to help the individual develop and expand.

ACCESSIBILITY : All individuals within the organisation are available to help. This includes staff at Franchise Head Office and other franchise owners.

PURCHASING ASSISTANCE : The ability to negotiate discounts with suppliers and help to achieve improved profitability, both initially and on a long-term basis.


The roofing industry in South Africa is a huge market with an approximate turn-over of R 8 billion per annum, making a window of opportunity to establish a successful and well-known industry name. Roofing is an essential need of domestic and industrial business - every home and business needs a roof and repairs, and this is an on-going requirement. Unlike many other industries, roofing is not badly affected by downturns in the economy. Listed below are some of the many reasons why the Roofing and Waterproofing business is an attractive one in which to be.

* Roofing is universal. Everyone needs it, and it is therefore possible to build up an established base of clients, ensuring regular repeat business.

* There is an ever-expanding market in South Africa, especially with the opening of so many businesses and the building of so many new homes.

* Unlike many other franchise businesses, the working hours in the roofing industry are relatively good.

* Stock does not amount to a large capital investment as the major materials are ordered as required for each individual job and then delivered by the suppliers on request. There is no stock to write off.

* All business is done on a cash basis so there are no bad debts.

* Each franchise area has a wide customer base. Thus the franchise is not reliant on a few clients, thereby increasing margins and decreasing dependency.

* The owner need not wait for business. He/she can and should go out and market their services.

* The team of people in each franchise is small and therefore managed fairly easily.

* The business is not subject to trade or tariff barriers, or foreign competition.

* The fast turn-around of the service by its very nature, aids cash flow.

* Generally, the deposit collected on the job on commencement, covers the complete cost of the job making it very low-risk business.


As a CHOICE ROOFING franchisee, you have access to an organisation established to provide a wide range of specialized residential, industrial and commercial property services. As the Franchiser, CHOICE ROOFING provides guidance and assistance in the following areas:

+ Visits from Head Office to prevent deviations from the Franchise standards.
+ Constant liaison between Franchiser, franchisee and all members to exchange ideas and experiences.
+ Product / concept innovation and assessment of marketability.
+ Market research.
+ National and regional advertising.
+ CHOICE newsletter.


As a CHOICE ROOFING franchisee you do have access to the CHOICE ROOFING expertise, training and assistance as outlined above, but it is important to remember that you have your business, and that is your responsibility to own and manage that business properly. You have a responsibility to yourself and your staff, and that responsibility extends to other CHOICE ROOFING franchisees, to uphold and maintain the good name and high standards of CHOICE ROOFING.

CHOICE ROOFING franchise is a marketing orientated organisation, active in promoting the CHOICE name via a wide variety of marketing sources, including media advertising, mail drops etc. in the near future this will extend to national radio media advertising. The marketing effort is of paramount importance in capturing a grater portion of the market share, which guarantees financial success. Therefore, CHOICE ROOFING franchisees are selected, and then expected to subscribe and adhere strictly to the CHOICE ROOFING Code of Ethics - a company policy document which is for the customer benefit, and end to their frustrating search for reliable Roofing and Waterproofing contractors.


Please study the following checklist of questions. It will help you place in perspective your own experience and circumstances in accessing your suitability for this venture.

1. Would you be doing it alone, or entering a partnership?

2. Do you have sufficient financial resources?

3. How much do you need to live on?

4. What would be the likely effect on your immediate standard of living?

5. What are your long-term business/personal objectives?

6. Are these compatible with ownership of a CHOICE ROOFING franchise?

7. How will your decisions affect your family?

8. Are you physically able to meet the demands of setting up a new business?

9. Are you prepared to put in the hours needed to really build the business?

10. Are you suited temperamentally to an outward looking, market-orientated business?

11. Are you able to work in a team and be receptive to advise and even criticism from others?

12. Do you like meeting people and are you interested in people?

13. Are you capable of making decisions that could directly influence the livelihood of yourself and others?

14. Are you independent enough to want to stand on your own feet, but sufficiently self disciplined to accept that there might be a better way?

15. What are your principal strengths and weaknesses?

16. In what way would owning a CHOICE ROOFING franchise help you realize your ambition?

17. From your impressions formed this far, what really attracts you about CHOICE ROOFING Franchise


Approximately R350 000 depending on the geographical area (available in all provinces). R150 000 secures, terms can be arranged.
Approximate earnings R20 000+ per month.


323 Lower Main Rd,
Observatory, Cape Town, 7925


Kevin: 082 526 4970
Alan: 074 420 5000
(Northern Suburbs) :
Mitchell: 083 375 8277
Jaco: 084 884 8280